Federal Pacific Panel

Latent fire/shock Hazard

The presence of an FPE Stab-lok electrical panel in a building is a latent fire or shock hazard. The panel does not “initiate” an unsafe condition. Rather, when an unsafe condition such as a short circuit or current overload on a circuit occurs, the equipment may not provide the protection expected. The result can be an overheated wire and an electrical fire and/or personal injury.

Urgency of action: For some hazards it may be that a reasonable course of action is simply to be informed that risks are involved, leaving to the consumer the choice to replace equipment or to correct an unsafe condition. Some unsafe conditions do not need to be handled as an emergency. Choices regarding of urgency and extent of action depend on the risks involved, the use of the facility, and the alternative costs to remedy the condition. However in the case of electrical equipment which does not perform as intended, our opinion is that the risks are serious enough to require prompt action.

We recommend replacing the “Federal Pacific Stab-Lok” breaker box.

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